Global Select Shop “IGGYplus amico”Pet Clothing store for Italian Greyhound & Whippet

Global Select Shop “IGGYplus amico”Pet Clothing store for Italian Greyhound & Whippet


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IGGYplus amico Greetings (features)

“IGGYplus amico” is Pet Clothing store for Italian Greyhound & Whippet around the world. We select products from all over Japan so that they can be comfortable in cold and hot climate environment, Also even they have delicate skin. Although they have unique body shape, We deliver clothes which fits them perfectly with high end design from proud Japan with no compromise and hospitality. We believe it will bring happiness to both your sweet dog and you. When it is hard to find the best clothing for protecting your dog against Cold, Hot temperature and Skin trouble, You would run into the one if you vist this shop “IGGYplus amico”. We wish we were such a store.


IGGYplus amicoは、世界中のイタグレ&ウィペットの為の洋服店です。寒さや暑さ、皮膚のデリケートな特徴を持つ小さな命が少しでも快適に過ごせるように日本中からセレクトした商品を提供しています。 独特な体型のイタグレ&ウィペット、彼らにピタリとフィットする洋服を、日本が誇るファッションセンス、器用さ、おもてなしの心で作り上げる素晴らしい品々をお届けし、世界中のオーナーさん方、そして愛犬達がHappyでいられるような洋服を体験してほしいという願いを込めたセレクトショップです。 寒さで震える季節、なつの暑さで舌をだしながらバテている時、皮膚トラブルに悩む時、なかなか合う服が見つからない愛犬にきっとこのお店に来たら目的の商品に出会える。そんなお店でありたいと思っています。


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IGGYplus amico



Canada, Vancouver


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April 2019


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犬服|トレーナーbaby × なないろのいと。|選べる4タイプ

Sweat Baby x 7 Colored Yarn

“Sweat Baby x 7 Colored Yarn” Is clothes that collaborated with “Sweat / Baby Type” and “Seven Color Yarn”

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Passing of the sky

“Passing of the sky” uses a colorful, high-quality 100% cotton specification Tenshu knit fabric. The color of the sky changes with the seasons. Life also changes with the four seasons. Soft clothes that allow your dog to live comfortably even on cold or hot days. Your dog can wear it for everyday walks, dressing, playing on the grass!! Suitable as inner wear in cold season.

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「冬の新作犬服」夏より暖かい冬 Winter Sports|裏起毛ボンバーヒートニット(保温)

Winter Sports / Fleece Bomber Heat Knit

Sporty & Stylish

  1. Using soft ribs to make the sleeve easy to move even on cold days.
  2. It is finished with ‘fitting in sleeve (round sleeve)’ that fits the body.
  3. In the case of rompers, ribs are put on the waist part and movement accent is given out.

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  2. ブリーダーさん
  3. 首輪屋さん
  4. 犬グッツ関連企業さん


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